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CMM Methodology

A Prerequisite to Coordinate Measuring Machine Training

Aimed at the beginner, this book will guide you through the fundamentals of CMM Measurement. It defines in detail the base information that is required when starting a career in metrology. This is information that is impossible to build into training courses which are designed to teach delegates how to operate specific CMM software and not the principles of measurement.

With over 200 detailed figures, its user-friendly approach takes you from the different types of CMM machines available through feature measurement, alignment, reporting, and programming. It also includes three detailed examples and a glossary of commonly used terms. With this new knowledge it enables you, the reader, to get the most out of a training course by allowing you to concentrate on how the software works and not how to measure. It will help to level out the steep learning curve of operating and programming a CMM. It will also become a reference manual when faced with new situations or an inspection problem.

Example of a glossary term

It's not only aimed at new CMM programmers as it will also assist anybody who comes into contact with a CMM by helping them interpret CMM reports. It also demonstrates what is possible with a CMM and shows some of their limitations.

One of the over 50 "Helping hands" contained in the book
Helping hand

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Describing RPS alignment, one of over 200 detailed figures
Figure 10.4

One of the programming examples
Example 2

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